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Now in its second edition!

Write top quality essays,
in half the time

Learn the strategies to write academic essays quickly and succinctly. From improving your note-taking to structuring arguments, the Ultimate Essay Guide will help you improve your essay writing and boost your grades.

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Learn the secrets of effective essay writing

Don't spend 3 years learning how to write. Kick start your academic success from the beginning of your journey.

How to reduce workload and stress

By learning how to write a high-quality essay in half the time, you also halve the stress and workload.

How to maintain efficiency when researching

The more effective your research, the higher quality your essay will be. Follow our tips for essay research, and you’ll be well on your way to an essay that impresses!

How to identify the most relevant information

Cut down the unnecessary hours you spend digging for nuggets of gold in the overwhelming amount of information available.

Structuring an argument for maximum impact

How to structure your argument to produce the maximum effect upon the reader for those higher-level grades.

Once you understand the process, you’ll never view essay writing the same way again.

Our formula for essay writing can apply to every essay or paper you’ll need to write. Once you nail it, your essays will practically write themselves.

Whether you want to raise your grades higher, or simply succeed with less effort, the strategies in this book provide a comprehensive overview of the actions you need to take to succeed.

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Who is this book for?

Get ahead of your peers

The secrets for essays that stand out above the rest.

Produce essays faster

Write a higher-quality essay, in half the time.

Master convincing arguments

Expertly navigate the clearly-structured and well-developed arguments required for those higher grades.

Be more efficient

Whether you want more time to write or more time at the pub, get more done in less time.

Understand UK Essay formats

Learn how essays in the UK are constructed and why that is important.

Complete research faster

Required reading takes up over 40% of the time in essay writing. Discover how to cut it down without compromising on quality.

Praise for The Ultimate Essay Guide

Informative, well structured and the perfect essay guide with plenty of tips. Took me from a low 2:1 to a 1:1


Read this to try and help with my son's essays as it’s been a while since I wrote one. Amazing how much essay writing has changed in the last few years. Does a good job of highlighting tools and I found the explanation of the techniques better than when I was at university!


There is useful information on each page, and you don't have to read the whole book before even starting your essay. If you just need some quick help referencing or taking notes tt definitely has your back. Really like how it's from a student's perspective, as they have the best tips and tricks over...


Though this is aimed more at the undergraduate level, it is also actually a great reminder for someone at Masters level, whose been away from essay writing for a while. The step by step approach, and clarity of writing, is very helpful. Explaining the obvious things (that are often our downfall), su...


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Some common questions

The book is not currently available on the Apple bookstore; however, you can download the Kindle app and use it to read The Ultimate Essay Guide.

Unfortunately not at this time, no. However, if you would like to have a .epub version, then please email us, and if there is enough interest, we will create one.

Yes! Most of the strategies and tips outlined in this book are designed to apply to all essays. Some parts will apply more to UK universities specifically as they have a slightly different process for handing out coursework than the USA, but these parts are highlighted in the book.

Unfortunately, this book was written for English based essays, and so a lot of the content is based around the quirks of essays in that language. However, many of the study tactics can apply to different languages, and you might be able to use some of the learnings to your native language essays.

Not currently. The book is primarily focused on helping people complete essays in the English language, so translations may be of limited help. However, if enough people express a particular interest in getting the book in their native language, we can look at expanding the book into other languages. So, please email us your interest to

Due to the original domain expiring and the old site being taken down, the resources from the first edition are no longer available at that domain. There is a new updated link in the second edition that allows readers to find the resources we mention in the book. Please find that link there.

Not currently, but this is something we would be open to creating in the near future. So, please reach out at to express your interest in an audio version to help us gauge interest.

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