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Top 6 Writing Technologies

Getting concise, considered, and, to a reasonable extent, correct words on a page is not an easy task. Yet it’s one we’re expected to do over and over again. We’ve rounded up some of the best tech and systems out there in order to reduce the friction of writing for you. These minimise distractions and let you focus on what matters most — the concepts and the ideas.

1. The Outlier

Apple text editor screenshot

The outlier is a text editor that you might not have thought of before. It is your computers notes app. Or the simple text-editor that every computer ships with. It’s plain. It’s easy to use. And it doesn’t complicate things. There are not endless menu’s full of options and configurations. It is just you and the words you’re writing.

2. The Take With You Everywhere

Google docs screen shot

With Google Docs now being a stapple in most peoples lives, it has quickly leapt to the forefront of one of the most versatile writing platforms. With its simple, intuitive interface and accessibility from anywhere you have an internet connection, it is fast becoming a go-to for students, especially for group assignments as multiple people can edit and write at the same time.

3. The I’ve Got Your Back

Grammarly online editor screenshot

Computers are good at catching some errors we make when typing, but there is no such thing as a proper proofreader… until now. Once upon a time, the responsibility for grammatical correctness laid at the feet of those devoted to its notorious depth. Not any more. Grammarly is fast becoming the go-to grammar checker. Not only that, they have a document writer meaning you don’t even have to take the extra steps.

4. The Oldy But Goody

Pen and paper on a white desk

Did you know that if you want to remember something you should write it down? (And no we don’t mean like in a list for shopping)

Research shows that the actual physical act of writing things down with a pen and paper helps encode it in the brain. Plus, if you have to take exams in an exam hall writing by hand, and you haven’t written anything in a nearly a year, then you’re hand is going to be out practice and need some training before that 3-hour slog in the sweaty university hall or school gymnasium.

5. Hey Siri…

Iphone dictation engaged narrating your essay

Okay — yeah, we’re joking on this one, Siri won’t write your essay for you… unfortunately. Nor will you want to actually want to use Siri to write, but you might want to use your phones built-in dictation feature (or even download Dragon Anywhere ). There is also software that can do the same thing on your computer. Get ahead of the game, start talking to your devices — we guarantee you can ‘write’ faster if you use voice.

6. The Rogue One

Speed Reader chrome extension screenshot

Now, this is not an actual tool to write with, but it will help you get more words on a page. One of the slowest and hardest parts of writing academic essays is learning everything that you need to before you start. The reading and the research. Well — ever heard of Speed Reading? No? Well, it allows you to condense that 20-minute article into 2 minutes of reading.. don’t believe us? Try it out .

Anyway, that’s our roundup of useful technologies to assist with writing. We’ll be back soon discussing the different ways to reduce procrastination and actionable steps to take to get things done!

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